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  • Type of physical activity Westshore Netball take part in
    • Roles in Activities/Sport
      • Player/Performer
        • Knowledge of activity including skills, tactics and techniques
        • Develop performance
      • Coach
        • Knowledge of activity
        • Training and instructing an individual to improvement level of perfomer
      • Official
        • Controlling an activity
        • Keeping people disciplined
        • Applying the rules and making decisions
    • Individual Differences
      • Age
        • Strength, speed, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility decrease
        • Recovering from an injury takes longer as you get older
        • Skill levels improve with your sport as you get older, you also become wiser
      • Gender
        • Men are stronger however women are more flexible
        • Men have more opportunities to compete in sport than woman
      • Culture
        • The way some cultures grow up can affect the level of participation
        • Some religions have values which need to be followed
    • Body Types
      • Endomorph
        • High body fat, wide hips and shoulders.
          • Best suited for Rugby (Members of the scrum), Sumo Wrestlers
      • Mesophorph
        • Broad shoulders, muscular arms, little body fat.
          • Best suited for swimmers and sprinters
      • Ectomorph
        • Narrow shoulders and hips, little muscle and body fat.
          • Best suited for cross-country running, dance or gymnastics


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