Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet

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  • Tybalt in R+J
    • His Character
      • Hot-tempered
      • Impertinent
      • Pride driven
      • Condescending
    • Connections with the themes of the play
      • Fueds/Fights
        • He fights to show his pride, however, ends up being killed by Romeo.
      • Dignity
        • He is proud of the Capulet name
        • Has too much pride, which is why he is hesitant to settle the Capulet-Montague feud
      • Tragedy
        • He kills Mercutio
        • He is killes by Romeo
          • Triggers future events to come
    • Relationships with others
      • Juliet + Lady Capulet
        • They are very upset when he dies, suggesting he had a soft side   towards his family.
      • Lord Capulet
        • Very disrespectful, considering Lrd. Capulet is the head of the house. Also, Tybalt is the heir to his fortune but does not show he is grateful.
      • Romeo
        • Hates Romeo and wants to kill him ... even hates the thought of him


Paul Dutton


A detailed guide to the character of Tybalt.  For revision purposes, perhaps students could find appropriate quotes?

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