Tybalt - Character

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  • Tybalt
    • role
      • kills mercutio
        • leads Romeo to kill Tybalt, which then means he is banished from Verona
      • creates a close link between love and hate
        • when Romeo and Juliet first meet, he is talking to Lord Capulet about how he wants to fight Romeo, creating a close link between the theme of love and hate
          • "this intrusion shall,/ Now seeming sweet, turn to bitterest gall"
      • creates the conflict and angry undertones throughout the play
        • act 1 scene 1 - fights sampson and gregory in streets
        • act 1 scene 5 - spots romeo at party and wants to fight him
        • act 3 scene 1 - fights and kills Mercutio before fighting, and being killed by Romeo
      • foil to benvolio
        • foil = a character which, when contrasted with another, clarifies a characters personality
        • benvolio = peacekeeper, tybalt = enjoys violence and fighting
          • without each other and their interactions, these traits would not be as prominent
    • quotes
      • "my dearest cousin" (act 3 scene 2) said by Juliet
        • he was greatly loved and therefore is mourned after his death by the Capulet family, particularly Juliet and the Nurse
      • called "Prince of Cats" by Mercutio
        • shows his short temper and how he will fight and attack anyone who gets in his way
      • "What, draw and talk of peace! I hate the word, As hate hell, all Montagues and thee." (act 1 scene 1) talking to Benvolio
        • establishes his need for violence and hatred straight away and shows his unforgettable hatred for montagues
      • "fiery Tybalt" (act 1 scene 1) said by Benvolio when talking to Lord Montague about the fight
        • shows how he is known to have a short temper and be easily provoked
      • "You are a saucy boy." (act 1 scene 5) said by Lord Capulet to Tybalt at party when he tries to fight Romeo
        • Insults Tybalt by saying he is rude and lacking in respect, showing that his own family know him to be angry and uncontrollable
    • adjectives to describe
      • pride driven
        • "this intrusion shall,/ Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt'rest gall"
          • this shows how Tybalt cannot overlook any offence thrown his way. he stores the anger he felt from the intrusion for later use
          • rhyming couplets - sounds menacing and dark, as if he is truly evil and unforgiving
      • hot-headed
      • rude
      • loyal
        • "honour of my kin"


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