Two in the Campagna

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  • Two in the Campagna
    • Layout
      • Dramatic monologue 'two' but female thoughts not shown- idea of thing not being shared you would expect more mutuality
      • (Like turns of thread the spiders throw) personification, LARuins brackets, WlLW
        • spider web, something he wants to hold on to, he is like a spider building something, spinning
      • 'No. I yearn upward,' caesura is firm trying to assert power
      • 'Infinit passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn' 1/2 rhyme trying to vcreate a sense of conclusion
        • 'Off again!' is he enjoying it, realised pattern of world? Always changing, subject/direction links to  Toccata gal.
    • Imagery
      • past, erotisism, moral judgment, idyllic
        • 'Rome's ghost since her decease.' the past, links to LL, Toccata Gul
        • Toccata Gul, Soliq. of Spanish C. perving on women, sexual, primal, nature, 'Such primal naked forms of flowers', so desperate for sex fantasises about flowers...
        • 'While heaven look from its towers!', moral judgment, looking down on them, links to Solqu. of Spanish C., LARuins
    • Context
      • Campagna de Roma, 2 people in Italian countryside explores issues of love, being so secluded & strains of that
        • Is it a love poem it is more about him? Journey from outside, but goes into journey within him not just journey across the countryside, maybe he is scared of rejection if he voiced this journey to her
    • Character
      • 'Two', can by claustrophobic, links to WLW, heterosexual pairing as seen in LARuins, WLW heterosexual perfection links
      • 'This morn of Rome and May'
        • togetherness, romantic union, people had sex outside then- connected to warm time of year, fertility
      • 'Has tantalized me many times'
        • one word 'tantalised' sums up whole poem almost wanting something  that are so close but so far
      • Weak links to WLW, PL, MDL, Bishops, 'Help me to hold it!-' weak imperatives
        • Desire for closeness to the lover, see with her eyes, almost want to be her control her, so there is no divide between them, worrying?
          • 'Of feathery grasses everywhere!'he is loving it, getting excited, PL, Bishops, Solq.SpanishC.
          • Ask loads of questions, 'Where does the fault lie? What the core O' the wound, since wound must be? Like Bishops- demands control, power, 'Do I live? Am I dead', questions his sons, his thoughts are wondering, confused, doesn't get answers
      • Speaker is on a philosophical journey, capturing lover in a find way, yearning for closeness, and fixity. At same time poem has this moving away that is is maybe never possible.
        • Human condition- capacity for desire, when can't have something , he has such high standards/dream setting him up for failure, frustratingleads us to pain
      • He drifts further from reality as poem moves on, countryside to physiological, everything is going away, he can;t have all he wants, disappointment
      • Becomes bit manipulative, doing all this to make them close, hinting she does nothing, Ikiss your cheek', 'And love it more than tongue can speak- Then the good minute goes. Love can take you to Eden but he is only finite because his experience is only from yearning not completion
        • 'Onwar, whenever light winds blow,' hum ands aren't in control of their lives, wandering, follow what nature does where it blows them, he is wishing for fixity
          • he is not actually bound to Earth or her
          • He is confused, would've been a whole afternoon he describes it as one 'good minute', negating rest of time other than one perfect moment, selfish?
    • Rythm
      • Alternating rhyme ABABA, idea of perfection and regularity
        • Final line is iambic trimeter, nearly same as the other nearly reaching, but never getting there, links with tantalising, quite uniformly structured, iambic tetrameter
    • 'WE sat down on the grass, to stray'
      • not a hike, straying in spirit not body links to Toccata Gul. Due to Elziabth's illness> proves its Bronwing, gentle way of putting it
    • 'The yellowing fennel, run to seed There, branching from the brickwork's cleft'
      • gentle destruction of human buildings, LARuins, used to be ancient Rome now it is taken over by taken
    • 'Let us be unashamed of soul' share their should, complete union, lets take of our clothes? he wants a kind of closeness,
    • 'To love or not to love?'
      • desperation, 'to be or not to be' from Hamlet, Elizabeth is his whole existence
    • 'I would that you war all to me' 'You that are just so much' begins with I, all about what he wants, 'You' sounds accusing, not fully giving herself, spiritually? horryifing, romantic? sexual.
    • 'Nor your nor mine, nor slave nor free!'
      • Galatians Ch3 v26, Biblical connotation, everyine is united by Chirsianity, fee man or slvae, he wants them to be this united, no slave no free man- romantic hero, sublime
    • 'Catch your soul's warmth, -I pluck the rose'
      • Women get linked to roses W&R, sexual, open, soft, petals


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