Developmetn of two armed camps in Europe

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  • Two armed camps in Europe- alliances
    • Triple alliance
      • Austria hungary, italy and germany. 1882.
      • Defensive alliance ot isolate France. Terms secret.
    • Franco-Russian alliance.
      • Defensive, secret terms, great success, divided Europe. 1870.
    • Britain and splendid isolation
      • happy to remain isolated from Europe but depended on navy to keep open trade and communications with it's empire. Also provided protection.
      • Natural ally Germany, but when they started ot build navy Britain couldnt understand as they had no empire and strongest army.
      • Became involved in boar war, many people sympathised with boars, kaiser made views public whihc annoyed Britain.
      • Anglo Japenese alliance.
        • Defensive alliance, secret terms, so had ally in far east to prevent Russian expansion.
    • Entente Cordiale
      • Britain worried about German naval flett- go on three power standard. Germany made it clear they didnt want to ally with Britain or France.
      • Britain and France wanted to sort problems out between them- signed entente coridale( friendly agreement)- allowed France to go ahed in Morocco and Britain in Egypt.
      • Not an alliance- not seen by Germany in this way so set on challenging it.
    • Kaiser's foreign policy
      • Weltpolitik- make Germany a great power great power again- wanted to be a great leader.
      • A place in the sun- get Germany an empire again.
    • 1st Moroccean crisis
      • 1905- Kaiser rides through streets of Tangier pon white horse. Makes peech suporting independence.
      • Kaiser calls international conference to decide future of Morocco- testing Entente cordiale- 1906 Algeciras.
      • Austria Hungary and Morocco supported Germany, britaina dn Rusiia supported France. France given joint-control with Spain of Moroccean police.
      • Cnsequences: Entente strengthened and France more confident of Britains support. Begin secret military talks.
    • Agadir Crisis.
      • Rebellion against Sultan in Fez- France send army- Germany send panther.
      • overeaction by Germany- occured during naval race- made Britain angry and led to them supporting France.
        • Though Germany wanted to challende base at GIbraltar.
      • preperation ofr war- Germany back down accept ladn in Congo - France gain control of Morocco.
      • germany would not back down in future-(Britain adn france make agreemnts) France defend Medittarean- Britain defend France border. italy opposed so triple alliance weakened.
    • Naval Race-
      • Dreadnoughts created in 1906. Britains supremcy based on older type- advantage reduced- supremacy measured by Dreadnoghts.
      • by end- 1914- Britain 29, Germany 17.
    • anglo-russian agreement
      • France wanted to improve relationships between Britain and Russia. So was solution to overseas problems for Britain and Russia in Persia and tibet.
        • Known as triple entente- np such alliance- Kaiser though policvy of encirclement.
      • Known as triple entente- np such alliance- Kaiser though policvy of encirclement.


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