Twin studies

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  • Twin studies
    • 1. MZ came from 1 egg (twins) 100% of genetic make-up is the same
    • 2. If one gets schizophrenia the other will
    • 3. Gatesman used to see if twin studies were down to nurture or nature
    • 4. If one of the twins had schizophrenia the other would have a 48% chance of also getting it.
    • 5. Dizxygotic twins would have 17% chance
    • 6. Siblings would have 9% chance
    • 7. parents would have 6% chance
    • 8. Siblings with one schizophrenic parent have 17%
    • 9. Dizxygotic and siblings should be the same as they are born from separate eggs so it is down to the environmental factors


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