Twelfth Night Act 2

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  • Act 2
    • Act 2 Scene 1
      • Summary
        • Antonio has saved Sebastian
        • Sebastian is in mourning for Viola
        • Antonio wants to be Sebastian's servant but he wants to go to Orsino's court
        • Antonio is in enemy terriroty
      • Key Quotation
        • 'both born in an hour'
          • Reveals Viola and Sebastian are twins
    • Act 2 Scene 2
      • Summary
        • Malvolio is sent to give Viola a ring
        • Viola tries to refuse Olivia's gift
        • Viola realises Olivia has fallen in love with her
        • Viola leaves it to time to sort the problem out
    • Act 2 Scene 3
      • Key Quotation
        • 'Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale'
          • T.Belch challenges Malvolio
    • Act 2 Scene 4
      • Summary
        • Feste is sent for to play music
        • Orsino asks if Viola is in love
        • Feste's song almost tells Orsino's story
        • Viola tells the story of the 'sister'
        • Viola reminds Orsino about Olivia and the gift
    • Act 2 Scene 5
      • Summary
        • T.Belch gains more support against Malvolio
        • Maria leaves the letter
        • Malvolio reads the letter and believes it to be written by Olivia
      • Key Quotation
        • 'I do not now fool myself...'
          • Malvolio's false letter causes him to make a fool of himself


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