Turning to Crime

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  • Turning to Crime
    • Upbringing
      • Farrington: The Development of Offending and Antisocial Behaviour from Childhood to Adulthood (Upbringing)
      • Sutherland's Nine Principles: Differential Associatiom (Learning From Others)
      • Wikstrom & Tafel: 'The Peterbotough Youth Study'    (Poverty and Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods)
    • Cognition
      • Yochelson & Samenow: Criminal Thinking Patterns
      • Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development and Crime
      • Gudjohnsson: Attribution of Blame (Social Cognition)
    • Biology
      • Raine: Brain Abnormalities (Brain Dysfunction)
      • Brunner: Genes & Seretonin
      • Daly & Wilson: Gender and Life Expectancy


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