Turning forces and centre of mass

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  • Turning Forces and Centre of Mass
    • Moment = turning effect of a force
    • Moment (Nm) = Force (N) x Perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the pivot (m)
    • Larger force larger moment
    • Distance from pivot greater, greater moment
    • To get maximum moment need to push at right angle to object
    • CENTRE OF MASS = point at which its mass may be thought to be concentrated
    • Centre of mass directly below point of suspension - when stops - equilibrium
    • Freely suspended object will swwing until its centre of mass is vertically below point of suspension
      • Rest in this position becaue no moment - pivot is in line with the line of action of the force
    • To find centre of mass
      • Suspend shape and plumb line from same point, wait until stops moving
        • Draw line along plumb line
          • Do same but suspend shape from different pivot
            • Centre of mass is where the lines meet
      • Of symmetrical object
        • Along lines of symmetry where meet


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