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  • Turdia
    • written by valerius Maximus and spoken by her husband as a funeral eulogy
      • Rome 1st century bc
      • he will not let her actions be forgotten
      • he wants to glorify her memory
      • he hops that the sprit of the dead Di manes grants her rest and protection
    • the day before her wedding both of her parents were murdered in the countryside
      • her husband had left for Macedonia and her brother in law had gone to the province of Africa so it was her duty to avenge her parents death
        • he commends her on how he couldn't of done it better
    • the will
      • Turdia and her husband  were the heirs
      • she was successful and showed her duty to her father and sister
      • she made sure that no one tried to become her guardian as her father didn't belong to any gens so people could claim to be of the same gens
      • the will had been invalidated because the marriage was a coemptio (the wife carried a dowry into the marriage)
        • this meant that all her fathers property would all go to turdia or  guardian  leaving her sister with nothing
      • she wanted to upheld her fathers wishes by validating the will but if this couldnt be done then she would distribute the will herself
      • Turdia defended the truth that the will had no be broken
    • Marriage
      • happily married for 4 years
      • he admires her for her loyalty, obedience, warm, reasonable, modest, hardworking with her wool and religious
      • looked after his mother
      • he had the guardianship over her property that she inherited and she cared over his inheritance
      • she couldn't have children
        • she immediately decided they must divorce
          • she would look for a new wife
          • they wouldn't need to separate their property as she could stay and would think of his children as her own
          • she would perform the duties of a loyal sister or mother in law
          • this made him extremely angry that she could even think of separation when they were both alive
    • generous family affection
      • brought up her female relations
      • prepared a dowry for them so that they could have worthy marriages
    • when he was in the civil war
      • she sold her gold and jewellery to give him money for servants and provisions
      • defended their house when a troop of men tried to break into their house because they knew her husband was away
      • begged for Caesar Augustus to give him support in vain
      • turdia, her sister and her sisters husband all took their lives at risk to ensure a safe hiding place for him
      • while ceasar was absent tudia went to Marcus Lepidus and lay at his feet
        • she was beaten, and dragged away like a slave
        • she was determined to make him carry out Caesars edict
          • he praises Caesar and how he not only saved his life but also punished lepidus
        • she was shouted words od abuse but she never gave up


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