Henry Tudor builiding up to the Battle of Bosworth

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  • Tudors Henry VII- Battle of Bosworth
    • The Battle of Bosworth took place on 22nd August 1485
    • It took place on Ambien Hill
    • Henry Tudor set off from France with many various sympathisers, but without any guaranteed support, he landed at Mill bay
    • After Henry landed he knighted 11 of his loyal followers, early sign of kingship before battle.
    • Henry needed to hold significant ground so headed towards Haverfordwest.
    • Henry was cautious because Rhys Ap Thomas, John Savage and the Stanley's who were all key figures hadn't declared themselves fully to him.
    • Tudor was strategically clever as he moved toward central wales avoiding yorkist loyalists. Also the Duke of Buckingham had arrived there
    • Tudor moved up to Machynlleth, and he was encouraged by Rhys Ap Thomas' declaration which brought an additional 1,800-2,000 men to bulk Tudors army
    • They moved towards Shrewsbury were they faced their first opposition as the bailiffs refused to open town gates.
    • Sir William Stanley sent a message to make the bailiffs yield. they yielded and then Sir Richard Corbert joined up with Tudor with an extra 800 men. Corbet is Stanley's son.
    • The Rebel Army's was yet again bolstered with 500 men joining up at Newport
    • Tudor still didn't have the definite supports of the Stanley's, but Richard was wary of the Stanley's and he knew not to rely on them
    • Stanley left his estate at Lichfield just before Henry arrived. Also he sent four knights to Henry, committed to Tudor?


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