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  • Tuberculosis
    • Causes
      • Mycobacterium tuberculosis
      • Mycobacterium bovis
    • Symptoms
      • persistent cough
      • tiredness
      • loss of appetite
        • weight loss
      • fever
      • coughing up blood
    • Transmission
      • air by droplets
      • close contact
        • family members
      • cows to humans
    • Course of infection
      • bacteria grows and divides in upper region of lungs
      • white blood cells go to infection site to ingest bacteria
      • inflammation of the lymph nodes. PRIMARY INFECTIONS
      • symptoms showed then infection is controlled, some bacteria remains
      • bacteria may show again and cause infection. POST-PRIMARY TB
      • bacteria destroys lung tissue and causes cavities and scar tissue
      • sufferer coughs up damaged lung tissue and TB can spread to other body parts.
    • prevention
      • vaccination
      • education about TB
      • better housing
      • health facilities and treatments
      • better nutrition


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