Tuberculosis (causes, means of transmission, global impact)

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  • Tuberculosis
    • Causes
      • Pathogens Mycobacterium tuberculosis & Mycobacterium bovis.
        • Usually affects lungs-can attack any organ.
      • Enters body by droplet infection.
        • Transmitted to humans by infected milk (mycobacterium bovis)
    • Means of Transmission
      • Poor immune system. e.g. if you already have HIV
        • Airbourne disease-tiny microscopic droplets. Via coughing, sneezing, ect.
          • Only th active disease is contagious.
        • Through close contact over a long period of time.
      • Transmitted easier in war, when TB becomes resistent to drugs and increased movement of people.
      • Prevention
        • Early recognition, vaccination, ventilation, germicidal UV light.
          • BCG vacinne in the UK. Beforehand, skin test (Heaf test) introduces tuberculin to system and inflammation will occur if you are already immune.
      • Treatment
        • Antibiotics-full course must be finished. 3 or 4 tyoes to begin with, narrowed down to 2 or more eventually with different types of action. If only one type was used bacteria could become resistant.
          • Bacterium can become resistant-growing problem.
    • Global Impact
      • 20% of people with TB also have HIV. Increasing due to increased poverty/homelessness; failure of people to take antibiotics; and HIV and AIDS epidemics. Increasing new resistant strains. Transmitted in cows milk and meat-less of an issue in developed countries.


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