6.3 Tuberculosis

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  • Tuberculosis
    • Causes
      • Mycobacterium tuberculosis/ Mysobacterium bovis
      • Infected droplets of mucus e.g. coughing, spitting, sneezing
      • High populations, people who work near cows, children, elderly and malnourished /immunodeficiency at risk
      • Destroys lung tissue and weakens immune system
      • Pulmonary or Extrapulmopnary
    • Symptoms
      • Cough with bloody sputum - evidence of damage to lungs
      • Fatigue or shortness of breath (KILLS) due to lung tissue damage. Reduces efficiency of oxygenating blood
      • High temp / feeling ill: non specific response fever slows down bacteria but reduces body functions
      • Weight loss / no appetite (KILLS) mechanisms that control hunger not prioritised, trying to fight infection
      • Night sweats due to fever
    • Treatment
      • It kills you because vital organs break down due to insufficient supply of oxygen due to damaged lungs
        • Also secondary infections due to weakened immune system
      • X-rays/body samples diagnose it
      • BCG vaccine for those at risk but limited for fear of resistance
      • Multiple antibiotics for up to 18 month.
      • Better health, lifestyle, working conditions to prevent development/ spread
    • How it reacts with the immune system
      • When exposed you either kill bacteria, fail to kill it but contain it in a tubercle (latent) or it spreads (active)
      • Latent TB is primary infection. Tubercle with macrophages may not kill all which grow and become active when you are malnourished


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