TSP: Death of Alexander III

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  • TSP: Death of Alexander III
    • - 19 March 1286, was thrown off his horse on his way to visit his wife Queen Yolande, in Fife.
      • But when he died there was no obvious heir to the Scottish throne
        • The powerful Bruce and Balliol families saw an opportunity to seize power and it seemed civil war was likely
          • Alexander III's granddaughter Margaret, Maid of Norway, was his only direct, living descendant.
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    • 2. The Maid of Norway
      • Margaret was too young to rule personally and a regent would need to govern Scotland on her behalf.
        • The decision of who would become regent would inevitably lead to further disagreement amongst the nobles.
          • The young women was vulnerable to kidnap plots.
            • Many at the time believed women were incapable of carrying out the duties of a monarch
              • A suitable husband would therefore need to be chosen for Margaret, again leading to disagreement within the nobility.
                • The threat of civil war was immediately removed with the decision to accept Margarent as Queen; however the future of Scotland remained uncertain,
    • 1. Death of Alexander III
    • 3. The Guardians
      • A council of 6 guardians, representing different parts of Scottish society, were selected at the palace of Scone in 1286 to govern on behalf of the Maid of Norway.
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