Tsotsi key themes and issues

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  • Tsotsi - Key Themes & Issues
    • Crime
      • Tsotsi is a translation on 'thug' indicating that Tsotsi turning to a life of crime is inevitable
      • Although it becomes a reason for Tsotsi's redemption, the kidnapping of the baby is a result of crime being committed by Tsotsi
      • The robbery and murder of the commuter infers the dependence Tsotsi and his gang have on crime and violence
      • The shooting of Pulma once again depicts thelife of crime and violence liven by many who live in poverty
    • Poverty
      • The Johannesburg township appears to go on forever which shows the vast numbers of poverty-stricken people but implies that the cycle of poverty is also an unbreakable pattern
      • Tsotsi's shack depicts his poverty through the lack of lighting and the dirty and cramped conditions
      • The pipes provide no comfort or protection for the children which presents how even as children they have a poor quality of life
    • Family
      • Despite her lack of wealth, Miriam provides a caring and comfortable home for herself and child
      • Tsotsi's shack is poorly equipped for caring for a baby alluding to the isolation poverty causes
      • Despite the poor conditions Tsotsi can provide for the baby, he learns to care for the child and displays a caring and kind character in contrast to his initial presentation
      • John and Pulma are able to provide a care-free childhood for the baby and raise it in the idyllic view of Africa displayed in the artwork of the baby's room
    • Redemption
      • The baby offers Tsotsi redemption as he realises how he could live his life without crime
      • Tsotsi returns the baby despite the inevitability of the numerous consequen-ces he must face
      • As Tsotsi begins his journey of redemption the camera shots on him begin to widen as he becomes more aware of the world around him
      • When Tsotsi returns the baby he wears a bright white shirt to depict his hopes for a 'bright' future following his redemption
      • Tsotsi helps Boston and tends to his injuries


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