truth and lies

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  • Truth and Lies
    • Point One
      • “Let me seal your lips forever” (2:1)
      • “Don’t tell Blanche about the baby” (Sc2)
    • Point Two
      • Truth is covered up with the repeated lie of robbery/theft“Antonio, the master of our household hath dealt so falsely with me for money” (3:2)
      • Loss of Belle Reve (Napoleonic Code)
    • Point Three
      • “You shall get no more children till my brothers consent to be your gossips” (Act 3 Scene 2)
      • “ I misrepresent things to them. I don’t tell the truth, I tell what ought to be truth” (Scene 9)
    • Point Four
      • ‘’What I have done, I have done, I’ll confess nothing’’ act 5 scene 2
      • ‘’I bought this adorable little coloured paper lantern at a Chinese shop on Bourbon. Put it over the light bulb! Will you, please?’’scene 3Lantern covers Blanche’s true identity.
  • Malfi
    • streetcar


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