Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

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  • Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
    • America sent aid to those countries who were under threat from Communism.
      • $13bn sent in economic and technical assistance (in Marshall aid)
    • In 1947 Truman gave a speech to Congress asking for $13+bn to help support European regeneration after the war
      • To show Capitalist control and superiority
      • America had profitted from the war
      • America wanted to stop soviet expansionism
      • America had strong allies that had been heavily affected by the war in Europe
    • The Marshall plan was the US monetary policy to help European countries rebuild their economies after WW2
      • Wass offered to all countries that were under threat from communism including USSR, but did not accept it
      • The USSR's 'Molotov Plan' was proposed to offer the same as 'Marshall Plan' to aid communist development in Europe
      • 10% Cash
      • 30% food/fuels (Consumables)
      • 60% Industrial/agricultural goods
    • An American foreign policy to stop the geo-political spread of soviet style communism in Europe
      • 'the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting outside pressures'
      • The American foreign policy of containment


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