trotter jourenys end

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  • trotter
    • 'short and fat' pg 17
    • 2nd lieutenant
      • experienced
        • ' lathering with gusto'
    • 'middle aged and homely looking' pg 17
    • 'red , fat and round'
      • humorous that hes put on weight with rationing
        • 'tunic appears to be on the verge of bursting'
    • caring
      • looks after raleigh
        • ' look ill show you' pg 22
      • 'he;s a good chap'
      • sings to boast the mens morals
    • becomes second in command
      • takes it seriously
      • honoured by his promotion
    • he eats for comfort the way sh drinks
      • unemotional individual who uses humour and food to relive stress
        • ' nothing upsets you does it'
    • friendly
      • welcomes raleigh
      • talks jovially amongst the officers, joking and relieving tension


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