Tropical Rainforests  Deforestation

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  • Tropical Rainforests  Deforestation
    • Economic Impacts
      • logging , farming and mining creates jobs
      • a lot of money is made from selling these products
      • in the long-term this can lead to resources that countries depend on being destroyed
    • sustainable management
      • selective logging
        • old trees that are more damaging are removed so that they don't fall down and damage other tress
          • fallen trees are removed by helicopters to clear the area
      • replanting
        • new tress are planted to replace old or cut down trees
        • same types of trees are planted.
      • ecotourism
        • benefits local people
        • source of income for local people.
        • if local people are employed to help they won't have to cut down trees to make money.
    • Management
      • education
        • taught about the impacts of deforestation
        • educating the locals on different ways of making money
      • International Hardwood Argreement
        • international agreement  to reduce illegal logging
        • the forest stewardship council  mark timber products with their logo


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