Trojan Women - Quotes on Women

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  • Trojan Women - Euripides Quotes on Women
    • Displaying Female Strengths
      • Andromache was the perfect 'wife': "I suppressed my longing and stayed in the house" This fits with 5th century Athenian practice.
      • Andromache: "Kept a quiet tongue in my husband's presence and let no clouds pass over my face." - this is what an ideal wife was expected to do, keep quiet and not complain.
      • Hecabe betrays her city and people to try to ingratiate herself with menelaus, referring to her people as 'Barbarians'  and playing the stereotype of Easterners as morally debauched and living a 'life of luxury'.
      • Helen shows the negative side of women - she is manipulative and evades all responsibility, playing on her beauty and 'female' cunning.
    • Women In Society
      • "A single night thaws a woman's distaste for a man's bed
        • This shows that men think women are broken in like horses and cannot resist a man who sleeps with them.
    • The Trojan Women represent tragedy of powerlessness in society and the suffering in the nameless endure to glorify their 'masters'


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