theories of color

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  • trichromatic theory: there are 3 types of cones each most sensitive to either red, green or blue - other colors result from combination of these 3
    • theories of color
      • opponent-process theory: vision analyses color into either-or msgs i.e. r/g, y/blue. black/w - coding one color blocks the opp msg from coming through
        • fatigue caused by making one response produces an afterimage of the opp color as the system recovers - afterimages are sensations that persist after a stimulus is removed
        • helps explain what happens after info leaves the eye in the brain
    • problem: yellow is also primary  and there can be diff shades of the same color
    • this theory helps in understandingthat there are 3 types of cones in the retina and iodopsin in cones and rhodopsin in rods break down when struck by light and fire nerve impulses at diff rates to produce diff color sensations


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