Trench Warfare

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  • Trench Warfare
    • Why did men/boys volun' to fight?
      • Peer pressure
      • For adventure
      • To impress people
      • Didn't know about conseq'
      • Nationalism/Patriotism
      • Honour to fight for country
      • Prev. wars hadn't lasted that long
    • Daily life= v dull
      • had to clean weapons, construct/ repair trench defences, remove dead/  wounded from trenches
      • Transfer supplies, food rations, new equipment, observe enemy activity /movement, repair barbed wire defences, delouse uniforms
    • Shocking conditions
      • Soldiers had to live in all weathers
      • In winter- trenches flooded/froze
        • Bc of poor weather/  hygiene-> soldiers suffered from 'trench foot'
    • Front line soldiers expected to advance across no-man's land towards enemy- frontline trenches in face of shelling/machine gun fire/barbed wire defences
    • Soldiers lived with constant danger of enemy shelling/ snipers;  sound of artillery  bombard't-> soldiers=       breakdown 'shell shock'
      • Death/injury of close friends, danger sod poisonous gas attacks, rats and lice; diet of tea, biscuits and tinned beef
    • Soldiers suffered enormous casualties due to the deadly effects of modern artillery, grenades, mines and machine guns
    • They weren't out in the open, so when the other side went to fire, they had to be VERY precise to make it exactly in the trench, therefore making it harder to get hurt.


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