Treaty of Versailles

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Land
      • All German colonies lost
      • Germany lost European territory
      • No union (Aschluss) between Germany and Austria allowed
      • Rhineland occupied for 15 years and demilitarised.
        • Important because when defended it prevented invasion from other countries because it acted as a bufferzone. Also a key industrial zone
      • German citizens absorbed into other countries
    • Responsibilities
      • German had to admit they caused the war and were responsible for the damage done (Article 231)
      • Wilhelm & other leaders tried for war crimes
    • Economic terms
      • Had to pay £6.6 billion
        • Could be paid in products like coal & steel
      • Loss of territory meant economic loss
    • Military restriction
      • 100,000 German army
      • Conscription banned
      • 6 battleships and no submarines
      • No armed planes, tanks or machine guns


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