The treaty of Versailles and its impact

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  • Treaty of versailles
    • The stab in the back myth
      • novemeber 1919
      • November criminals were responsible for the army stabbing them in the back
      • Hindenburg claimed it was the Jews, pacifists and socialists
    • Attitudes
      • French and Britons believed the terms were too soft for the repercussions of the war
      • Germans convinced they fought a war of self dfence and didnt accept the war guilt clause
      • Republicans had no choice but to agree which led them to be associated with defeat and humiliation
      • despite the principle of self determination most germans now under foreign rule
    • Terms of the treaty
      • Exclusion from the league of nations
        • to try to preserve peace for the future
      • Military
        • limited to 100,000 men
        • no submarines,tanks or battleships
      • Reparations
        • war guilt clause
      • Territorial
        • lost all its colonies
        • forbidden to unite with austria
        • lost 13.5% of its territory
    • Peace settlement
      • The 14 points
        • president wilson in january 1918 as a basis for the peace talsks
      • jan 1919 allied leaders met in paris
      • Germany not allowed to participate in negotiations
      • Germany had no choice but to agree to the terms


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