Treaty of Versailles

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Strengths of the ToV
      • Brought peace to Europe
      • Created an organisation to preserve the peace (LoN)
      • Gave country's more of an individual identity, they weren't under control from someone else
      • Gave country's around Germany some safety as there is no immediate threat due to demilitarisation.
      • Was signed by 45 countries
      • Gave independence to Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary
    • Weaknesses of the ToV
      • The USA did not join the treaty so that made them and the league a lot weaker
      • Treaty didn't make the League strong enough as they couldn't back up their sanctions as they had no army
      • Japan and Italy resented it as they thought they didn't get enough recognition.
      • Britain thought the reparations were too high
      • It left German people exposed and helpless, they were not happy
      • Domestic opposition at home as no one got their way
      • Wilson did not get congressional support
    • Terms of the Treaty
      • Germany was not allowed to unite with Austria
      • The Rhineland was demilitarised
      • Germany was not allowed to join the LoN
      • The Saar (rich in coalfields) given to France for 15 years
      • Alsace-Lorraine returned to France
      • Lands in East Germany given to Poland (polish corridor)
      • Danzig made a free city under the contol of the LoN
      • All German colonies given to France and Britain as 'mandates'
      • Germany was responsible for all loss and damage caused by war (war guilt)
      • Germany had to pay a LOT of reparations


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