Treaty of Versailles

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Terms
      • Germany was to accept the blame for starting the war
      • Germany would reduce its army to 100,000 men
      • Germany could only have 6 battleships in its navy
      • Germany was not allowed to build any aeroplanes, submarines or tanks
      • Germany had to pay £6,600 million in reparations to the countries that won the war
      • All Germany's colonies were given to France, Britain and other allies
      • Germany were forbidden to unite with Austria
      • The Polish Corridor was taken from Germany and given to Poland cutting East Prussia off from the rest of England
      • Alsace-Lorraine went back to France
      • Germany was  to demilitarise the Rhineland
    • Peace treaty with Germany
    • It was signed on 28th June 1919
    • Germans people's views
      • They didn't think they should take the blame for starting the war
      • They were horrified by the huge reparations
        • Germany's economy was already in trouble
      • They felt humiliated at losing German land and colonies
      • They  thought the terms of the treaty were very unfair
    • The treaty was meant to weaken Germany so that they couldn't threaten Europe again


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