Treaty of Versailles

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Terms (TRAWL)
      • Territory (Land)
        • 10% land taken
        • Anschluss (union) between Germany and Austria forbidden
        • German colonies in Africa given to League of Nations
        • Germany split in two by polish corridor ( ***** of land which allows Poland access to sea)
      • Reparations (Money)
        • Article 232
          • Germany blamed for war and had to pay winners
          • Total set as £6.6 billion
        • Estimated it would take until 1988 to pay back
      • Armaments (Army)
        • German not allowed tanks, submarines or air forces
        • Navy limited to 15,000 men, 1,500 officers and 6 battleships
        • Rhineland demilitarized
          • No army or defenses on it.
        • Conscription not allowed
        • Army limited to 100,000 men.
      • War Guilt
        • Article 231
          • Germany and their allies had to take full responsibility for starting the war
          • War guilt clause
          • Germans hated this one
      • League of Nations
        • Germany not allowed to join.
        • Took land from German
        • Coal mines put under control of LofN for 15 years
          • Important part of German industry
    • Criticism
      • Left Germany in financial ruin
      • Affected Germany for the next 20 years
      • Gave Hitler an excuse to invade
      • Treaty seen as unfair
      • However:
        • Germany was able to rebuild after the Treaty
        • By 1929 Germany one of the most powerful countries in Europe
    • Aftermath
      • Germany was starving and needed help rebuilding the tattered land
        • Because of the bombing and the British blocking the food from being imported.
      • Allies blamed Kaiser for war and had him abdicate
      • German people shocked because of severity
        • Neither fair nor justified
          • Diktat (forced peace)
      • Germany had to give up their rich coal mines in the Soar and overseas colonies.
      • Had to give up 48% of their steel.
      • Germany humiliated by loss of their army
    • Conse-quences of TofV
      • Negative
        • 6 million Germans lived outside of Germany fearing persecution
        • Germany lost 13% of land
        • Germans felt vulnerable
        • Germany had to take all responsibility
        • Was a Diktat (forced peace)
        • Reparations crippled Germany
          • Last payment in 2011


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