Treaty of Versailles

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • The Big Three
      • David Lloyd George (UK)
        • Understood the public's demands for both reparations and sympathy
        • Wanted to keep Germany as a trade partner
        • Worried that a harsh treaty would make Germany want revenge. He did however want its colonies
      • Woodrow Wilson
        • Issued the 14 points that gave Germany false hope
        • The US Senate refused to join his league of Nations.
        • Impractical views on self-determination because of the complex make-up of  Eastern Europe
      • George Clemenceau
        • Had experienced previous German invasion - Prussian War 1870
        • Frances Land industry and population had been devastated by the war
        • Wanted to treat Germany harshly by breaking it up into smaller states, disarming the nation and setting £20 billion reparation payment.
    • Terms (BRAT)
      • Army
        • Limited to 100,00 men and conscription banned
        • No armoured vehicles
        • Navy limited to 6 battleships
        • Rhineland is demillitarised
      • Reparations
        • Reparations set at £6.6 billion
      • Blame
        • Germany had to accept war guilt.


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