PY4 Treatments of Schizophrenia

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  • Treatments of Schizophrenia
    • Psychological
      • CBT
        • Explain Sch as a fault with thought processes.
          • Therefore aim to change any fault and replace with corrective functioning
        • Frith
          • Suggested  patients who hear voices are just hearing their own misinterpreting inner thoughts
        • Procedure
          • Encouraged to trace back to the origins of their symptoms evaluate their behaviour and hallucinations on their validity
        • Evaluate
          • Drury
            • Reduction of positive symptoms and 20-50% reduction in recovery time when combined with antipsychotic medicine
              • Suggests that CBT may be most effective when symptoms are alleviated to allow for a clearer thought procedure
          • Kulpers
            • Diifficult to analyse CBT, predominantly conducted alongside anti-psychotic drugs
            • Although generaaly seems effective
          • Kingdom & Kirchen
            • CBT unsuitable for most patients because they would not fully engage with the study
              • Younger more suitable than older.
                • Must have  open mind and willingness to change
          • Bentall et al
            • Suggested CBT to be most effective for Patents in their first episode of Sch
              • CBT as first action protocol against Sch/ Patterns less habitual
          • Much more lengthy that ECT, More Costly
          • Sometimes not beneficial at all. Thought processes hard to identify with patient
    • Physiological


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