Treatments of mood disorders

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  • Treatments of mood disorders
    • Biological treatments
      • unipolar depression
        • MAOI's - stop the secretion MAO's which is an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters and increase levels of seretonin
          • these are toxic which means suicidal risks
        • SSRI's - allow serotonin to remain active for longer in the synapse
          • side effects of nausea
        • Tricyclic antidepressents  - prevent the reuptake of seretonin to increase the activity
        • ECT - a brain seizure by passing an electric current through the brain
          • memory loss and have 80% relapse rates. They also only alleviate depression for a short period of time
      • Bipolar
        • Lithium carbonate - this normalizes the levels of neurotransmitters
          • blurred vision or lack of conentration
      • Evaluation
        • Drug therapies work better when they are combined with other treatments such as cognitive
        • They don't help deal with stressful life events which are the cause of depression
        • not all patients respond to the treatments
    • Cognitive Treatments
      • aims to challenge the negative schema of the client to become more positive
      • Beck: aims to change the cognitive triad
        • 1. increase confidence
        • 2. challenge negative thoughts
        • 3. identify negative thoughts
        • 4. change key beliefs
      • Rational emotional therapy
        • aims to replace irrational thoughts with rational ones
        • makes the sufferer aware of their thinking
        • Hollon: compared effectiveness of cognitive and treaments and found relapse rates of 40% and 45%
      • Evaluation
        • The therapy will only work if the individual is motivated and articulate
        • A combination of drugs and cognitive may be more effective
        • less successful in the treatment of maina
        • It can be used one to one or in small grops so its cost effective


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