Treatments from the Behavioural Approach

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  • Treatments from the Behavioural Approach
    • Systematic Desensitisation
      • Uses reverse conditioning & aims to replace a maladaptive response to a situation by eliciting healthier responses
      • Procedure: 1) teaches to  relax 2) hierarchy of anxiety provoking situations 3) reciprocal inhibition (tolerance builds to hierarchy) 4) treatment complete
        • In vivo (real life situation) In vitro (imagined)
      • Good to treat phobias
      • Not suitable to treat schizophrenia
        • Strengths: 1) Reseach support (evidence) 2) Alternatives to imagination
        • Weaknesses:1) Limitations with individuals ability to imagine 2) Quicker alternatives- could be traumatic (flooding and implosion therapy) 3) Symptom substitution
    • Aversion Therapy
      • Behavioural treatment based upon classical conditioning, Aims to rid an individual of an undesirable habit by paining habit with unpleasant (averse) consequence
      • Procedure: 1) person given alcoholic drink laced with an emetic (nausea inducing substance) 2) after few paintings of alcohol and nausea, person will want to avoid
      • Good to treat addictions
      • Bad to treat everything else
      • Evidence
        • Strengths: 1) research evidence 2) combined therapies (positive techniques to teach new behaviours
        • Weaknesses:ethical issues- dehumizing? 2) may be short lived


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