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  • Treatments
    • Biological
      • Drugs
        • Antipsychotic: treat schizophrenia, high levels dopmine... drugs reduce
        • Antidepressent: treat depression, low levels serotonin, drugs increase.
        • Antianxiety: treaty anxiety, high levels noradrenaline, drugs lower
      • Electroconvulsive therapy
        • The administration of a controlled electric current that induces a convulsive seizure.
    • Psychodynamic
      • Psychoanalysis
        • 1)Dream analysis: full of symbols which represent unconscious.
        • 2) Free association: express thoughts exactly as they occur.
        • 3) Protective test: project thoughts/ feelings onto stimulus.
    • Behavioural
      • Systematic desensitisation
        • 1)Taught how to relax muscles completely, construct a SD hierarchy of fears.
        • 2) works their way through hierarchy, once they feel completely relaxed at each stage they move onto next
        • 3) Patient then feels completely relaxed around feared stimulus or event.
    • Cognitive
      • REBT
        • (D) disputing, helps to change irrational belief.


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