treatments for phobias

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  • treatments for phobias
    • biological
      • drugs benzodiazepine tranquillisers reduces anxiety and enhances effectiveness of GABA main inhibitory neurotransmitter
    • behaviourist
      • systematic desensitisation wolpe
        • first patients are taught relaxation skills they produce  heirachy of fears can only move up once successfully completed the stage before
      • flooding
        • when the patient faces there fear straight away, extreme levels of fear but this can not last for long as you can not sustain such high levels of arousal and no longer scared
      • applied tension
        • ost help patients with blood phobias had to repeatedly contract their major muscle groups in their arms and legs to decrease fainting
    • CBT
      • Talk about irrationality of their fears and try to replace with new rational thoughts
      • Wersebe found that cognitive behavioural group therapies for social phobias where more effective


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