treatments for addictions

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  • treatments for addictions
    • behavioural
      • token economy
        • patients are giving tokens for good behaviour then get a reward when they have a certain amount of tokens
        • petry et al 42 alcoholics token economy group 69% abstinent after 8 weeks compared to 29% of other group standard treatment alone
      • aversion therapy
        • based on classical conditioning
        • the idea is that the desirable behaviour os paired with something unpleasant for example an emetic.
        • even if they smell alcohol  should be given the drug eventually associate drinking with being sick
    • cognitive
      • CBT for kleptomaniac
      • covert sensitisation  patient imagines a negative image with the behaviour
        • imaginal desensitisation patient is taught to relax impulsivity and relaxation can not occur at same time  relaxation should take over the urge to involve in behaviour


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