Treatment of Jews 1933-1945

A mind map on The Treatment of Jews through the years of 1933 to 1945. Hope it helps :)

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  • Treatment of Jews 1933-1945
    • Boycotts 1933
      • The SA were ordered to discourage Germans from using Jewish owned buisnesses.
        • Germans that shopped in such places were often beatten up.
        • Many Jewish shops had their windows smashed
        • The SA stood outside the shops and physically prevented people from going in.
      • Placecards appeared outside many public places -such as cafes, swimming pools and parks- saying either "Jews not wanted" or "Jews forbidden"
    • Buisness and Property Loss 1933-39
      • 1937- Jewish buisnesses were confiscated and given to "Aryans"
      • 1938- Jews were made to register their property thus making it easier to confiscate.
      • 1939- Jews were banned from owning any buisnesses.
    • Loss of Jobs 1933-39
      • 1933- Loss of Government related jobs
      • 1936- Loss of any professional jobs such as Doctors
      • 1938- Banned from working with or for Aryans
      • 1935- Not allowed to join the army
    • Loss of Social Possition
      • 1938- Jewish students/children excluded from schools and universities
      • 1938- "J" stamped in passports
      • 1934- Local councils ban Jews from public places
      • 1938- Not allowed to buy chocolate or cake
      • 1941- Ordered to wear a yellow arm band with a Star Of David on it.
    • Kristallnacht November 1938
      • The SA attacked Jewish buisnesses by smashing their windows
      • Many synagogues were destroyed
      • The Jews were later ordered to pay a fine of 1 billion Reichmarks for the damaged caused during the night.
    • Nuremberg Laws 1935
      • Lost right to vote
      • Denied German Citizenship
      • The Reich Citizenship Law- made jews "subjects" rather than citizens.
      • The Protection of German Blood and Honor Law- Banned marriage or sexual relationships with Aryans.
    • 1939 The Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration is established.
    • The Outbreak of WW2
      • More Jews to deal with due to invaded countries
      • The Nazis no longer care about the world opinion
      • The Nazis became more extreme
      • Ghettos
        • Walls built inside cities to keep Jews in
        • The Jews were straved to death and cramped together.
        • Many Died due to starvation and disease.
      • Einstatzgruppen 1941
        • A murder squad
        • Followed the advancing German army and raded the villages/towns for any Jews and killed them.
    • The Final Solution 1941-45
      • Wannsee conference in 1941 decided on the "final solution" to exterminate Jews
      • Death Camps
      • Many were gassed, worked to death or just shot.
      • In total around 6 million were killed.
  • Einstatzgruppen 1941
    • A murder squad
    • Followed the advancing German army and raded the villages/towns for any Jews and killed them.


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