Treating the sick c1350


Barber surgeons

Monks & Nuns


Wise Women

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  • Treating the sick c1350
    • Who treated the sick?
      • Physicians:
        • Medically trained at university and passed exams
          • Diagnosed illness and gave treatments or sent patients to the apothecary or barber sugeon
            • Expensive and not many of them female physicians were rare
      • Barber surgeon:
        • No training, carried out bloodletting, pulling teeth and lancing boils. Also cut hair
          • Basic surgery e.g. amputating limbs they were cheaper than a physician
      • Monks and Nuns:
        • Ran hospitals using church donations. Looked after the poor rather than the sick
      • Apothecaries:
        • Received training but no medical qualifications
          • Mixed medicines based on own knowledge or directed by a physician
            • Cost money but cheaper than a physician
      • Housewife Physicians:
        • Usually a village 'wise woman' who treated local people
          • dealt with childbirth and common injuries/ illness
            • Used mixed herb and plant remedies also charms and spells
              • Cheapest option


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