Treating depression (CBT and REBT)

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  • Treating depression using CBT and REBT
    • CBT
      • Therapist sets goals and instills more positive thoughts
        • Therapist has close, friend-like relationship with patient
      • Identifies and challenges faulty thought processes
      • Helps patient to identify and challenge their own irrational beliefs
    • REBT (ABCDE)
      • Therapist is more direct and a relationship is unnecessary
      • Therapist disputes irrational beliefs and replaces them with rational ones
      • Intends to break the link between negative events and depression
      • David et al (2008)   Better treatment outcomes than those on drug therapy 6 months following treatment
        • Suggests long term treatment
    • CBT eval.
      • Severe depression could make patient less active
        • Requires DIY element
      • Only effective when a relationship is established
      • Expensive in the short term, cost-effective in long term
      • Can be argued that there is too much of a focus on the relationship rather than the content
      • Found to be more effective than drug therapy with lower relapse rate


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