Treaties and Acts after World War One

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  • Acts and Treaties after World War One
  • League of Nations
    • Aims - Resolve disputes without resorting to war.
    • Germany were initially excluded
    • Stresemann's success in the Locarno Pact led to Germany's acceptance into the League of Nations.
  • Treaty of Berlin 1926
    • Germany and USSR renewed an earlier treaty.
    • Formalised friendship between Germany and the USSR - turn a blind eye to the extent of military cooperation.
    • Securing Eastern borders and frontiers.
  • Germany's army was limited to 100,000 men. No air force and the navy couldn't use submarines or battleships.
    • Disarmament
      • Secret rearmament by Germany.
        • Ensured Germany didn't fall behind in development.
      • Inter-Allied control commission was established to monitor.
  • French were reluctant however troops were removed from the Rhineland gradually.
    • Allied occupation
      • Removal of allied forced from Germany. Policy of fulfillment secured this by 1930
      • Withdrawal due to Dawes Plan/ Young Plan and Locarno Pact.
  • Germany signed with France and USA. Voluntarily renounce the use of offensive wars to solve disputes.
    • Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928
      • Had symbolic importance as an international agreement, lack of enforcement make it less effective.


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