Treaties and Acts

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  • Treaties
    • 1830 The Indian removal act. Permanent Indian Frontier created
    • Fort Laramie Treaty 1851.  Defined the new territories each tribe had in reservations
      • The government did this so they could build roads and railways
      • Promised to give Indians permanent right to the land and $50,000 for 50 years
      • Fort Wise Treaty. The gov made the Cheyenne tribe reduce their land for white settlers. Was a gold rush in Colorado. Gave them poor quality farm land on Sand Creek Reservation
      • Red Cloud's War and the Bozeman trail. Hunting grounds of the Sioux. Miners used to reach gold in Montana. Sioux given land in Laramie Treaty
    • Missouri Compromise 1820
      • Future states above the line had to be free states
      • Had to be a balance
      • Broke in 1854. Nebraska wanted to join the Union. Above the line.
        • Kansas had to become a slave state. Even though it's above the line so it was balanced
    • 13th Amendment- freed slaves
    • 14th Amendment- black people given equal rights
    • 15th Amendment- right to vote


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