Travel and Tourism

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  • Travel and Tourism
    • Environmental objectives
      • Habitiat preservation
      • Regeneration and conservation of natural and man made environments
      • Environmental education for locals & tourists
    • Political objectives
      • Enhancing the image of an area
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      • Creating regional / national identity
        • Similar to a sence of pride (socio) however creating a positive regional/national identity based on politics is on a larger scale. it will allowother countries across the globe to acknowledge that the country is based on legal and political consensus rather than conflict.
    • Economic objectives
      • Creating Employment
      • Multiplier effect
      • Development and regeneration
      • Increasing foreign currency payments to contribute to:
        • A) Balance of payments
        • B) GDP
    • Socio-cultural objectives
      • Promoting understanding between cultures of tourists and local population
      • Providing community facilities / tourist facilities
      • Revival of traditional activities
      • sense of pride/identity


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