Transporting Materials

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  • Transporting Materials
    • The Heart/ circulation
      • Double circulation system consists of blood vessels, blood, and the heart
      • Heart pumps blood around the body
      • Valves prevent backflow
      • Arteries carry blood AWAY from the heart
        • Thick wall, muscle, small lumen
      • Veins carry blood TOWARDS the heart
        • Quite thin walls, large lumen
      • Stents are used to keep arteries open
    • Blood
      • Blood is a tissue: fluid is plasma, contains red and white blood cells, and platelets
      • Blood plasma transports: CO2 (to lungs), soluble products of digestion, and urea to the kidneys
      • Red blood cells: are biconcave, contain the red pigment haemoglobin,carry oxygen
        • Haemoglobin + Oxygen = Oxyhaemoglobin
      • White blood cells: have a nucleus, help fight off disease
      • Platelets: are small cell fragments, have no nucleus, help blood clot
    • Plants
      • Flowering plants have the xylem, phloem
      • Xylem transports water and mineral ions  from the roots to the stem leaves
      • Phloem transports food (eg: sugars)- from the leaves- around the plant


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