Transport Forecasts

A summary of the components, past paper questions, the problems with measurement and the reasons why transport forecasts are useful to government. 

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  • Transport Forecasts
    • Components (future growth of...)
      • Car Ownership
      • Population Growth
      • Industrial output
      • Fuel Prices
      • Import of goods
      • Gross Domestic Product
    • Uses of Transport Forecasts
      • To estimate where the greatest traffic bottlenecks are likely to occur
      • To determine future network needs - 'predict and provide'
      • to be able to forecast the likely effects of particular transport policies - road pricing
    • Problems with Transport Forecasts
      • Based on estimates which may well be wrong
      • An assumption is made that things will continue as before
    • Past Paper Questions
      • Analyse how and why economists forecast future growth in transport demand [15]
      • Identify two problems with forecasting [4]
      • Factors used in forecasting and how they affect future forecasts [4]


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