Transport systems in plants

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  • Transport systems in plants
    • phloem - moving food
      • transports sugars made by photosynthesis from the leaves to the rest of the plant
        • transported to growing areas of stems and roots where the sugars are needed to make new cells
          • food is also transported to the storage organs where it provides an energy store for the winter.
        • translocation
    • xylem - moving water and mineral ions
      • carries water and mineral ions from soil around the plant to stem and leaves
    • why is transport so important?
      • mineral ions are needed for the production of proteins and other molecules within the cells
      • plant needs water for photosynthesis and to keep it upright
        • when a cells has lots of water inside, the vacuole presses cytoplasm against cell walls
          • gives support for young plants and structure of leaves


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