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  • transport systems in plant
    • structure of a leaf
      • waxy cuticle
        • leaves must be able to conserve water. Has a waxy cuticle which is transparent
      • palisade mesophyll
        • Adapted to allow the maximum light through the leaf
      • spongy mesophyll
        • mesophyll have a lot of chloroplastast
        • spongy mesophyll has chloroplasts deeper in the leaf.
          • Allow the interchange of CO2.
      • vascular bundle
        • xylem
          • xylem vessels move water and minerlas
          • water is needed for photosynthesis and for support
          • minerals are needed to allow the plant to make proteins
        • phloem
          • phloem vessels move sugars
          • Take the sugars al around the plant, including to store tissues like tubers.
          • some insects like aphids can tap into phloem tubes to steal the sugars from the plant.
      • lower epidermis
      • stomata
        • Allowing gases to enter and exit the leaf
        • The bad thing when the stomata opens to allow gas exchange is that water is lost.
          • Replaced  by water obtained through the roots
      • upper epidermis
    • Transpiration
      • plants need water to survive
        • they use this to support their tissues
        • Move dissolved substances around the plant
      • transpiration stream
        • The movement of water from the roots to the leaves of the plant through its xylem.


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