Transport in the phloem of the plant

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  • Transport in the phloem of the plant
    • Plants transport organic compounds from sources to sinks
      • phloem is composed of sieve tube cells
        • sieve plates - perforated walls
        • associated with companion cells
        • phloem transports organic compounds throughout the plant
          • translocation
        • links parts of the plant lacking sugars with ones that have a surplus
    • active transport is used to load organic compounds into phloem sieve tubes at the source
      • phloem loading - bring sugrs into the phloem
        • apoplast route
          • concentration gradient of sucrose established by active transport
            • created by H positive ions are transported out of the companion cell
              • the build of ions flows down to its concentration gradient
                • energy created used to bring the sugar into the companion cell - sieve tube complex
        • symplast route
          • the diffusion of sugars through plasmodesma
    • incompressibility of water allows transport by hydrostatic pressure gradients


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