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  • Transpiration
    • Loss of water from plant
    • Water loss from leaves
      • Stomata opened and closed by guard cells that surround them
      • Open stomata - CO2 in photosynthesis
      • When open - plants lose water - evaporation
      • Shortage of water in leaf, more water pulled up by xylem to replace
      • More water drawn up from roots to leaves - constant transpiration stream
    • Effect of environment on transpiration
      • High rate photosynthesis, high rate transpiration - more stomata opened up to let CO2 in - more water lost
      • Warm sunny, hot, dry, windy conditions increase rate transpiration
    • Controlling water loss
      • Waxy cuticle - leaves
      • Hot environments cuticle must be thick and shiny
      • Too much water lost fast - wilting - leaves collapse and hang down
        • SA for water loss/evaporation less
      • Stomata close - stops photosynthesis, plant remain wilted until temp decreases
    • Potometer - how uptake of water by plant changes with different conditions


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