Transpiration MindMap

MindMap for the transpiration within plants.

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  • Transpiration
    • Temperature
      • An increase in temperature will increase the rate of transpiration
        • Increasing the temperature will increase the kinetic energy within the plant
          • Increased movement will cause a rise in evaporation
        • An increase in temperature will decrease the humidity outside the plant
    • Light
      • An increase in light intensity will increase the temperature
        • Increases the  rate of transpiration
      • Increasing light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis
      • Stomata  open when there is light and close when it is dark
    • Air Movement
      • If the air movement is rapid then the wind will blow away the water molecules from around the stomata
        • This will therefore increase the concentration gradient
          • Therefore, the more air movement there is then the faster the rate of transpiration
    • Cohesion Tension
      • Water molecules are sticky meaning they stick to eachother
      • As water leaves the xylem vessel the pressure in the xylem decreases
        • This causes tension to increase within the xylem vessel
          • This causes the water molecules to move up the xylem vessel into the leaf
      • Water enters the xylem vessel through the roots
    • Humidty
      • If the air is dry then the concentration gradient will increase
        • Therefore, a decrease in humidity will cause a rise in the rate of transpiration
    • Stomata
      • Stomata are special pores located under the leaves of plants
        • Water vapour diffuses through the stomata
      • They  are used for gas exchange


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