Managing Population - Transmigration in Indonisia

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  • Transmigration in Indonesia
    • Policy
      • Asking people to move from core to periphery
      • Allowed to set up farming areas
      • Free transport and free land given
      • Food and fertiliser given for 1st year
      • Trying to control the populotion with non-birth control methods
    • Environmental Effects / Problems
      • Flooding
        • Rainforest clearance - 50 million hectures
      • 10% of settlements have failed
      • Infertile soils - need to grow rice
        • High levels of herbicides and fertilisers needed
    • Economic Effects / Problems
      • Less people have chosen to migrate
      • Population in Java has increased - more people migrating there, less people leaving
      • Costs are high for the government to pay for resources and materials required by the people - especially those living in Java
      • Rely on aid from the world bank
    • Social Effects / Problems
      • Productivity is low - need support
      • Local tubes moved - conflict with local farmers and newcomers
    • Facts
      • 60% of population live on Java
      • Pull factor - economic reasons
      • Rural to urban migration
      • Densely populated
      • Urbanisation - growth of towns and cities
      • Series of islands in South East Asia


Mr A Gibson

A policy that has lots of examples of positives and negatives, things that have worked and things that have not. Use this mind map to cover the main points but make sure you add your own information to it too such as a few more facts and figures.




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