Bio T3 Translation- 2nd stage protein synthesis

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  • Translation (stage 2 protein synthesis)
    • 1.) mRNA is bound to ribosome, Amino acids are attached to tRNA (transport RNA) which brings them to ribosome
    • 2.) Ribosome reads first codon on mRNA (base triplet), tRNA complementary anti-codon (base triplet) base pairs with 1st codon, this makes sure amino acids are brought to the ribosomes in correct order
    • 3.) Ribosome reads next codon, tRNA with complementary anti-codon base pairs with 2nd codon, & 2 amino acids attached to tRNA bond
    • 4.) 1st tRNA molecule moves away leaving behind the amino acid process repeats faster
    • 5.)Polypeptide chain made with many amino acids bonded


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